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This e-book explains the main positive factors of Symbian OS and may assist you to write down powerful C++ code. It makes a speciality of points of fine C++ variety that follow fairly to Symbian OS.21 goods are used to focus on specific points of the working approach and supply an easy and easy exploration of coding basics. utilizing instance code and outlines of top perform to deconstruct Symbian OS, the goods advisor you to what you'll want to and shouldn't do (and why), stating commonly-made blunders alongside the way.Technologies coated contain: * client-server structure * descriptors and dynamic bins * energetic items, threads and methods * leaves, cleanup stack and 2-phase building * skinny templates, stable API layout, reminiscence optimization, debug and try macros * the ECOM plug-in framework

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The heap-based iMember is stored safely as a pointer member variable, to be deleted at a later stage with the rest of the object, through the class destructor. I’ve shown that you must prevent leaks from the potential orphaning of heap-based local variables, but what about cleanup of stack variables if a leave occurs? The leave mechanism simply deallocates objects on the stack – it does not call any destructors they have defined as it does so, unlike a C++ throw. Stack objects that own a resource which must be deallocated, or otherwise ”released” as part of destruction, would leak that resource in the event of a leave.

Such an object should be pushed onto the cleanup stack prior to calling code with the potential to leave. In the event of a leave, the memory for the T object is deallocated by the cleanup stack (which is discussed in detail in Chapter 3) but no destructor call is made. 4 CLASS NAME CONVENTIONS ON SYMBIAN OS T classes are also often defined without default constructors; indeed, if a T class consists only of built-in types, a constructor would prevent member initialization as follows: TMyPODClass local = {2000, 2001, 2003}; However, in the rare case that the T class has exported virtual functions, a default constructor must be exported because it is required for any client code to link against.

Generally, leaving functions should return void unless they use the return value for a pointer or reference to a resource allocated by the function. Later in this chapter, I’ll discuss the factors that may influence your decision as to whether to implement a function that leaves or one that returns an error value. Some examples of leaving function declarations are as follows: void InitializeL(); static CTestClass* NewL(); RClangerHandle& CloneHandleL(); If a function may leave, its name must be suffixed with ”L” to identify the fact.

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