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Never earlier than have the ladies of the Capetian royal dynasty in France been the topic of a examine of their personal correct. the hot examine in Capetian girls demanding situations previous paradigms concerning the limited roles of royal ladies, uncovering their impression in social, spiritual, cultural or even political spheres. the students within the quantity ponder medieval chroniclers' responses to the self sustaining activities of royal girls in addition to sleek historians' use of them as autos for developing the prior. The essays additionally delineate the production of reginal identification via cultural practices reminiscent of spiritual patronage and the commissioning of manuscripts, tomb sculpture, and private seals.

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Beyond the age of childbearing, Adelaide lusts after younger men. She is vengeful, plotting, spiteful, and willing to commit murder if she cannot have what her heart desires. We need not turn to reading the brothers Grimm in order to find similar stories, for these stereotypical and highly gendered images are familiar to anyone who has so much as opened the pages of a medieval chronicle. Thus, the characters of medieval rulers and their consorts were of great interest to medieval writers. For instance, as Heather Tanner has shown, sloth, weakness, indolence, profligacy, infidelity, and lack of wisdom were characteristics used to explain the failure of William the Conqueror’s eldest son Robert Curthose, duke of Normandy, and the Conqueror’s grandson Stephen of Blois, king of England, to rule their respective realms effectively.

48, dates the divorce 991–992, characterizing it as juvenile rebellion. Dhondt, “Sept femmes,” pp. 40–41, argues the marriage was unconsummated and that Robert divorced her swiftly; if it was as late as 992, he would have married at fifteen. 8. The Flemish alliance was reestablished in 1028 with the marriage of Robert II and Constance’s daughter, Adele, to the future Baldwin V of Flanders. For the political picture in 992, see Duby, France in the Middle Ages, pp. 117–52. Eleanor M. Searle, Predatory Kinship and the Creation of Norman Power, 840–1066 (Berkeley: University of California Press, 1988), p.

66, notes that Eleanor’s perceived avarice and close association with her husband might well have led to her being seen as improperly influencing him; hence she was blamed for Edward’s exacting rule. Here, Constance’s perceived dominance of Robert and her wish to prevent the dispersal of familial wealth and power may have directed the criticism to her, though under other circumstances it might have fallen on others. Kings often escaped direct criticism. 34. Glaber, Histoires, p. 202. Stafford, “Emma,” p.

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