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By Kendall Atkinson

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This moment version of a regular numerical research textual content keeps association of the unique version, yet all sections were revised, a few generally, and bibliographies were up to date. New issues lined contain optimization, trigonometric interpolation and the short Fourier rework, numerical differentiation, the strategy of traces, boundary price difficulties, the conjugate gradient process, and the least squares suggestions of platforms of linear equations. includes many difficulties, a few with strategies.

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B) 7. Using a Taylor polynomial approximation, give a practical way to evaluate 11. Using Taylor's theorem for functions of two variables, find linear and quadratic approximations to the following functions f(x, y) for small ·values of x and y. Give the tangent plane function z = p(x, y) whose graph is tangent to that of z = f(x, y) at (0, 0, /(0, 0)). ,.. y) 2x - y (b) (d) 1+x l+y cos(x + V1r 2 + y) PROBLEMS 8. 13). 15), that the order of the arguments x 0 , x 1, x 2 does not affect the value of the divided difference.

00016 58 ROOTFINDING FOR NONLINEAR EQUATIONS is no way to predict the possibly better accuracy in an earlier iterate, and thus there is no way we can know the iterate is sufficiently accurate. For example, c9 is sufficiently accurate, but there was no way of telling that fact during the computation. To examine the speed of convergence, let en denote the nth value of c in the algorithm. Then it is easy to see that a = limite" n ..... 4) where b - a denotes the length of the original interval input into Bisect.

7). 1), if K(x) is large, then small relative changes in y will lead to much larger relative changes in x. If K(x) = 10 4 and if the value of y being used has relative error 10- 7 due to using finite-length computer arithmetic and rounding, then it is likely that the resulting value of x will have relative error of about 10- 3• This is a large drop in accuracy, and there STABILITY IN NUMERICAL ANALYSIS 37 is little way to avoid it except perhaps by doing all computations in longer precision computer arithmetic, provided y can then be obtained with greater accuracy.

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