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By Carl 1851-1922 Lumholtz

ISBN-10: 1108006337

ISBN-13: 9781108006330

In 1880 the Norwegian ethnologist, zoologist and explorer Carl Lumholtz launched into an day trip to Australia, with the aim of looking at the existence and customs of the Australian Aborigines. This ebook specializes in his reviews whereas residing for a yr with a group in Queensland that had by no means formerly come into touch with white humans. 'Not simply are the various Australian Aborigines cannibals', says Lumholtz, 'but lots of the tribes haven't but emerged from the Stone Age within the heritage in their development'. He is going on brilliantly to rfile a fancy and engaging society. Containing designated maps to demonstrate the explorer's travels and plenty of photos, the publication additionally comprises informative appendices outlining Australian heritage, geology, wildlife. First released in 1889, Lumholtz's vintage account of the occasions and practices he witnessed keeps the facility to surprise, teach and entertain the trendy reader.

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There are frequently hundreds of shells, about three hundred in one heap and fifty in the other. There is also usually a handful of green berries partly inside and partly outside of the bower ; but like the empty shells and the other things collected, they are simply for amusement. Besides, these birds doubtless have the sense of beauty, as is indicated by the variegated and glittering objects gathered. This bower-bird has another remarkable quality, in its wonderful power of imitating sounds. When it visits the farms, where it commits great depredations in the gardens, it soon learns to mew like a cat or to crow like a cock.

The Australian bear is found in considerable numbers throughout the eastern part of the continent, even within the tropical circle. I discovered a new kind of tape-worm which, strange to say, is found in this leaf-feeding animal. OPOSSUMS One day our dog put up a kangaroo-rat, which fled to a hollow tree lying on the ground. When we examined the tree it was found to contain another animal also, namely an opossum {Irichosiirus viilpeculd). It is one of the most common mammals in Australia, and is of great service to the natives, its flesh being eaten and its skin used for fv, L »••>-"* - - I t TREE-FERNS IN VICTORIA.

It makes a hole 18 inches deep, and in a slanting position, but the entrance is not supplied with a trap-door, as is the case with the burrows of many other spiders out here. I once saw a hornet [jtfygnimia aiisiralasia:) proceed boldly into one of these holes, which I then immediately closed. I dug to the bottom of the hole from the side. There I saw the spider paralysed by the plucky hornet, which was sitting on its back. I was anxious to test the effect of the poison of this colossal spider, and once let it bite the snout of a kitten, which thereupon became very sick and vomited violently, but soon recovered.

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