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Christopher Andersen's American Evita: Hillary Clinton's Path to Power PDF

By Christopher Andersen

ISBN-10: 0060562552

ISBN-13: 9780060562557

"I do not hand over. I retain going."
Hillary Rodham Clinton

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Lucrecia Borgia: hija de un Papa, tres veces casada, un marido asesinado, un hijo ilegítimo. .. todo en solo treinta y nueve años y en pleno Renacimiento. l. a. suya fue una vida realmente increíble que sin duda alguna merece l. a. pena contar. Lo han intentado escritores, filósofos e historiadores. Ahora, a modo de excepcional homenaje a su esposa recientemente fallecida, el premio nobel Dario Fo, alejándose de reconstrucciones escandalosas o puramente históricas, nos revela en una novela toda l. a. humanidad de Lucrecia, liberándola del cliché de mujer disoluta e incestuosa y sumergiéndola en el contexto histórico y en l. a. vida cotidiana de su época. De esta forma, el lector vivirá en primera character l. a. fascinación de las cortes renacentistas, con el Papa Alejandro VI, el más corrupto de los pontífices, y su diabólico hermano, César. También con los maridos de Lucrecia, expulsados, asesinados, humillados, y sus amantes, el primero de todos el gran humanista Pietro Bembo, con el que compartía el amor por el arte, por l. a. poseía y el teatro. Todos ellos peones del despiadado juego del poder.

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On those rare occasions when she misbehaved, it was Dad the stern disciplinarian who threw her over his knee and spanked her. To those in the neighborhood, Hugh was a dour, unsociable-to-the-point-of-rude character who never answered the front door or even bothered to acknowledge the presence of visitors to his home. Hillary would always remember the day her long-suffering mother took out a carpenter’s level and used it to give her some pointers on how to remain centered. Dorothy told her daughter to imagine that the carpenter’s level was inside her, and then she tipped it so that the bubble went to one end, then the other.

When Hillary arrived, Dorothy, sitting spellbound before the family television set, admitted for the first time that she had voted for JFK. These eye-opening events notwithstanding, Hillary would admit that she continued to parrot Hugh Rodham’s beliefs. Hillary devoured Barry Goldwater’s Conscience of a Conservative and wrote her term paper on the American conservative movement. Already an active member of the Young Republican Club, she went a step further and signed on to campaign for the Republican presidential candidate as a “Goldwater Girl”—right down, she would later admit, to the cowgirl getup and the hat bearing the slogan AuH2O.

Almost immediately, Rodham enlisted in the navy and discovered a unique opportunity to put his degree in physical education to good use. Rodham was assigned to whip raw recruits into shape using the Gene Tunny program, a regimen devised by the retired world heavyweight boxing champion. When he returned to Chicago after his discharge, Hugh declined an offer to return to his old job. Instead, recognizing that a postwar housing boom would mean a surge in demand for home furnishings, he launched his own custom drapery business.

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