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Almost Famous by Cameron Crowe PDF

By Cameron Crowe

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Russell places a beer in William's hands, and exits. PENNY LANE (continuing) "In the unlikely event of a water landing, the seat below you will serve as a -" (give up) Oh, the hell with it. They all applaud her, laughing. William watches her with wonder, as she turns his way and winks. Jeff approaches the alluring Polexia, and goes to get her a beer. Meanwhile, Polexia sidles up to William. She sees him watching Penny at the other side of the room. POLEXIA (privately) Act One, in which she pretends she doesn't care about him.

There is nothing in frame that does not deal with music. In the background, a scratchy and chaotic Coltrane record. LESTER BANGS Beware Rolling Stone Magazine. They will change your story, they'll rewrite it and turn it into swill. Beware!! WILLIAM But besides that, what would be wrong with it? LESTER BANGS (laughs, entertained) You have starry eyes, my friend. (beat) Look. Do the story. It's a good break for ya. But remember this -The kid listens intently, and makes notes. LESTER BANGS (cont'd) ...

BEN (cont'd) (pleasant, terse) Stillwater. Hard-working band makes good. Get 'em to respond to the critics who dismissed the first two albums as workmanlike. Guitarist is the clear star of the band. Crazy. Let's do threethousand words. You'll catch up to them on the road. We'll set up billing -don't let the band pay for anything. WILLIAM (affecting casualness) Sounds good. BEN We can only pay -- lemme see, threethousand words -- seven hundred dollars. The kid's eyes widen. BEN (cont'd) Alright, a grand.

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