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Accelerated C# 2005 - download pdf or read online

By Trey Nash

ISBN-10: 1590597176

ISBN-13: 9781590597170

speeded up C# 2005 teaches you either tips to use center C# language innovations and correctly hire C# idioms and object-oriented layout patternsto take advantage of the facility of C# and the typical language runtime. You’ll fast grasp C# syntax whereas studying how the CLR simplifies many programming projects. You’ll additionally study top practices that determine your code might be effective, reusable, and robust.

This publication is the quickest route to C# mastery for somebody conversant in object-oriented programming. Many books introduce C#, yet only a few additionally clarify easy methods to use it optimally with the .NET CLR. Why spend months or years gaining knowledge of the easiest how one can layout and code C#, while this e-book will enable you to do issues the correct means, correct from the start?

Table of Contents

  1. C#Preview
  2. C# and the CLR
  3. C# Syntax Overview
  4. Classes, Structs, and Objects
  5. Interfaces and Contracts
  6. Overloading Operators
  7. Exception dealing with and Exception Safety
  8. Working with Strings
  9. Arrays, assortment kinds, and Iterators
  10. Delegates, nameless features, and Events
  11. Generics
  12. Threading in C#
  13. In seek of C# Canonical Forms

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Table 3-1. qxd 8/4/06 9:45 AM Page 17 CHAPTER 3 ■ C# SYNTAX OVERVIEW Operator Group Operators Included Description Logical XOR x ^ y Integer bitwise XOR, Boolean logical XOR Logical OR x | y Integer bitwise OR, Boolean logical OR Conditional AND x && y Evaluates y only if x is true Conditional OR x || y Evaluates y only if x is false Null coalescing x ?? y If x is non-null, evaluates to x; otherwise, y Conditional x ? y : z Evaluates y if x is true; otherwise, evaluates z Assignment x = y Simple assignment x op= y Compound assignment; could be any of *=, /=, %=, +=, -=, <<=, >>=, &=, ^=, or |= ■Note These operators can have different meanings in different contexts.

However, it does make sure that you initialize the memory before the value is used. ■Note Since enumerations are actually value types, you should always declare an enumeration member that equates to zero, even if the name of the member is InvalidValue or None and is otherwise meaningless. If an enumeration is declared as a field of a class, instances of that class will have the field set to zero upon default initialization. Declaring a member that equates to zero allows users of your enumeration to deal with this case easily.

WriteLine( "boxed {0} int", boxed is int ? WriteLine( "obj {0} int", obj is int ? ValueType", boxed is ValueType ? ValueType As mentioned previously, the is operator only considers reference conversions. This means that it won’t consider any user-defined conversions that are defined on the types. The as operator is similar to the is operator, except it returns a reference to the target type. Because it is guaranteed never to throw an exception, it simply returns a null reference if the conversion cannot be made.

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