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By Jonathan Bennett

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"With an astounding erudition . . . and in an immediate no-nonsense sort, Bennett expounds, compares, and criticizes Spinoza’s theses. . . . nobody can fail to benefit from it. Bennett has succeeded in making Spinoza a thinker of our time." --W. N. A. Klever, Studia Spinoza

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Notice that if any attribute is the substance which has it, it follows trivially that two substances cannot have an attribute in common. The fact that Spinoza argues elaborately for the latter conclusion is thus evidence that he does not hold that form of the thesis that attributes are substances. But it is not evidence against Curley's view that Spinoza takes each substance to be identical with the totality of its attributes; for it is not trivially obvious, and would therefore have to be argued, that a single attribute could not belong to two such totalities.

Alvin Plantinga, The Nature of Necessity (Oxford, 1974), pp. 219f. 19. Peter van Inwagen, 'Ontological Arguments', Nous vol. 4 (1977), pp. 37595. 20. New Essays, p. 438. (3) THE ONE SUBSTANCE DOCTRINE That principle about the onus of proof looks right. But properly used it counts against Leibniz and Plantinga, not for them. Someone who says it is possible that there must be an F being is basically asserting that there must be an F being, and is thus asserting an infinity of denials of possibility: of every world description which excludes the existence of an F being, he is saying that it is impossible for there to be such a world as that.

If x has location L, it could have been the case 16. This modal mistake of Spinoza's is endorsed in Charlton's otherwise useful 'Spinoza's Monism' at pp. 514f. § 17 No shared attribute that y had L but then x would not have had L. Again, Spinoza would reject the example; but that does not alter the fact that the argument is fallacious. 5. Even if I have been wrong about p5d-indeed, even if Spinoza's argument so far is perfectly sound-it cannot yield more than the conclusion that two substances could not have all their attributes in common.

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