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20, and probably at the end of 25. 10 (for in 25. 11 Agathocles is acting alone). This hypothesis gains confirmation from the argument relating to xv. 24 a and xv. 26 a 1– 2 (both from M). Both these Maas places after xv. 25. 19; and in a Nachtrag he proves his point by comparing 25. 19 and 24 a with xxviii. 16. 10–11, which clearly reproduces the two earlier passages in that order (see xv. 25. ). Similarly, the murder of Deinon (xv. 26 a 1– 2) leads up to the statement of xv. 25. 20. The order of all these fragments within xv is assured both from F and from the fragment of P at 25.

Regis, materni aui', following P. Nereis and her sister Deidamia were the daughters of Pyrrhus, the great Pyrrhus, according to P. here, and to Pausanias (vi. 12. 3); Polyaenus (viii. 4· 5) also makes Deidamia's father Pyrrhus, without specifying which. However, Pausanias (iv. \

17. 2–3. Hultsch and Büttner-Wobst place 24. 10 and 24. 11 between 24. 9 and 24 a 1; the first is a mention of Ilourgeia from Stephanus, the second a citation from Suidas which comparison with App. Hisp. 33 and Livy, xxviii. 22–23 shows to refer to the destruction of Astapa. The order of events in Appian and Livy shows that both these towns were attacked after Scipio's visit to Syphax; for Ilourgeia cf. App. Hisp. 32 and Livy, xxviii. 19. 1 f. (where Livy refers incorrectly to the Iliturgi). Hence (as Hesselbarth, 447, saw) 24.

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