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By James G. Simmonds

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In this article which progressively develops the instruments for formulating and manipulating the sector equations of Continuum Mechanics, the math of tensor research is brought in 4, well-separated phases, and the actual interpretation and alertness of vectors and tensors are under pressure all through. This new version includes extra workouts. moreover, the writer has appended a piece on Differential Geometry.

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2, gl _ (116)(3,-1,1), g2 _ (112)(-1,1,1), g3 - (1/6)(-3,-1,1), and so (1/6)[-~~ ~~ -~~]. -11 -6 -19 :] = . Finally, we have Tgl - (116)( -3, -1,1), Tg2 - (1/2)(5, -1,1), Tg3 - (116)(9, -1, -5), yielding [TV] = [gi'Tgi] = (1136) [ -7 9 11 51 -45 -39 23] -45 . -31 Change of Basis Within a given frame, vectors and tensors are blissfully unaware of the bases we choose to represent them. That is, they are geometric invariants. Under a change of basis it is their components that change, not they themselves.

15) SOLUTION. From Fig. 2 it is seen that the area of the shaded triangle, being half the area of the parallelogram having x and ilx as co-terminal edges, is given by ilA = V2 Ix x ilxl. As alvl = lavl, ilA/ilt = v21x x ilx/iltl. 15). 2. Show that in a central force field (f parallel to x) (i) x lies in a plane. (ii) Kepler's Law holds: x sweeps out equal areas in equal times. t exists at P (t). 16) exists at P(t). tl- O. 2 SOLUTION. 17) a constant vector. , x lies in a plane. 1 that dAldt = 'I2Icl~t.

As in Fig. g. a fluid or solid) and let tdA denote the force that the material into which n points exerts across dA. t is called the stress at P and t in the direction Ii; tn == Projnt the normal stress, and ts == t - tn the shear stress. By considering the equations of motion of a tetrahedron of the material of arbitrarily small volume, instantaneously centered at P, it can be shown that t = In, where T = TT is the (Cauchy) stress tensor at P and t. ] and n - (1,2,-1), compute the normal and shear stress.

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