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If the child restraint is not anchored properly, the risk of a child being injured in a collision or a sudden stop greatly increases. 22/R50-D/V5 ੭ 1-31 tioned to fit the child restraint, but as upright as possible. ¼ After attaching the child restraint, test it before you place the child in it. Tilt it from side to side. Try to tug it forward and check to see if the belt holds the restraint in place. If the restraint is not secure, tighten the belt as necessary, or put the restraint in another seat and test it again.

Check to make sure that the child restraint is properly secured prior to each use. If the lap belt is not locked, repeat steps 3 through 6. 22/R50-D/V5 ੭ 1-43 After the child restraint is removed and the seat belt is allowed to wind back into the retractor, the automatic locking mode (child restraint mode) is canceled; the seat belt only locks during a sudden stop or impact. 22/R50-D/V5 ੭ 1-45 2 Instruments and controls Instrument panel ....................................................... 2-2 Meters and gauges ...................................................

22/R50-D/V5 ੭ doctor for specific recommendations. INJURED PERSONS NISSAN recommends that injured persons use seat belts, depending on the injury. Check with your doctor for specific recommendations. SSS0018 THREE-POINT TYPE SEAT BELT WITH RETRACTOR ¼ Every person who drives or rides in this vehicle should use a seat belt at all times. ¼ Do not ride in a moving vehicle when the seatback is reclined. This can be dangerous. The shoulder belt will not be against your body. In an accident SSS0020 you could be thrown into it and receive neck or other serious injuries.

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